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Setting Healthy Boundaries - Consider Your Limits

When it comes to setting healthy boundaries in your life, the first step is determining where

and what those boundaries are! As you go through your day, take note of what actions make

you uncomfortable, then decide how much of those actions you can tolerate and accept. As

you determine where you choose to draw the line in every situation, consider your physical,

emotional, and mental limits.

For example, if you consider yourself an introvert and it takes a lot out of you to go out on the

town with friends, take some time to think about how that extra energy affects your physical,

emotional, and mental health.

Are you physically exhausted the day after a night of socializing?

Do you have trouble responding to text messages and keeping up with communication?

While we can’t exclusively do things that keep us in our comfort zones, we do have the

opportunity - and right - to walk away from excess stress and situations that make us feel


What situations in your life need more set boundaries?

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