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Energy Healing

Understanding the Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing at Energy of Wellness.

The world of Reiki energy healing is as fascinating as it is confusing from an outsider's perspective. Reiki healing may seem too good to be true, but this ancient Asian form of therapy has roots dating back to the 19th century. Originally performed by Japanese monks, the root power of energy healing through Reiki is almost impossible to ignore. Practitioners of Reiki energy healing believe that our bodies produce energy and when that energy is imbalanced, our body will suffer for it. Here at the Energy of Wellness, we believe that energy healing therapy can help reduce pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue. Are you ready to explore the benefits of Reiki energy healing?


While each Reiki teacher will practice in a slightly different way, the foundation of energy healing will be the same from one practitioner to the next. During your Reiki therapy session with Eileen Mercolino, you will be relaxed in a comfortable position as she begins to balance and rejuvenate your body through energy healing. Blending Reiki therapy with Integrated Energy Therapy allows the Energy of Wellness founder to promote rejuvenation, relaxation, and healing energy. Most people who try Reiki end up coming back for multiple sessions to achieve the balanced and fulfilling energy that they have been yearning for.


If you are ready to put your energy back where it goes, consider scheduling Intuitive Energy Work Sessions with Eileen Mercolino at Energy of Wellness. Eileen is a professional health and wellness practitioner thanks to her certifications in Usui and Lightarian Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Counseling. Sessions can be booked by email and Eileen is always available via her official website to answer any and all of your questions.


Are you ready to take control of your life? Book your session with Energy of Wellness, today!

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