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New Year, New Energy!

It’s a brand New Year! We leave this difficult year behind and open up to the energy of a new year. It is a beautiful energy that brings with it HOPE.

Why is this important? Because if we have HOPE, there’s nothing we can’t accomplish.

This new energy coming through will infuse us with hope and also open up huge amounts of love for each other and for ourselves. We have a vaccine that is being rolled out. We have a new President and administration. Congress has finally passed a new stimulus package.

We need to remember that we are powerful, energetic beings and we can get through this TOGETHER.

This week, I encourage you to get quiet and tap into this new energy. Feel the sense of new hope, love and new beginnings. Things are shifting, and everything will be ok. YOU will be ok.

There are many ways you can take care of yourself as we roll into this new year!

Here are my top 5 Wellness tips for 2021:

1. MEDITATE. The power of sitting and just breathing for even 10 minutes a day cannot be overstated. Mediation has been proven to lower stress and anxiety levels, help us sleep more soundly and think more clearly. Apps like Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer have tons of guided mediations as well as soothing music to help you go deeper into relaxation.

2. MOVE: When don’t move enough, our energy becomes stagnated. In order to keep energy moving and clearing through our bodies we must move. Make sure you walk, bike, do yoga, anything that gets your energy flowing. So many amazing new fitness apps are available for the monthly price of just one class. Peloton, Yoga Anytime, Strava, Nike Training Club are some of the bigger names, plus many of your local fitness studios have also launched on-demand video classes.

3. PLANT BASED EATING: Following a whole foods, plant based diet is associated with reduced risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and hypertension. Check out my blog post from earlier this year for a deeper look at the benefits:

4. COMMUNITY AND RELATIONSHIPS: Humans are not meant to be solitary all the time. We need connection, shared experiences and loving kindness from each other. Make the pledge to reach out to friends and loved ones every day, even just a text exchange can brighten your and the other person’s day and give you that shot of much needed connection

5. LEVEL UP SELF CARE ROUTINES: Making sure you are taking time to nurture yourself, with some of the above tips or, a warm bath, a good book and a scented candle will also do the trick. Keeping some time for self-care on your calendar each day as an appointment with yourself, having a morning or evening ritual, or even calling a close friend for a cozy chat are all ways of taking care of ourselves.

It is important to stay present and know that we as humans are more resilient than we can imagine. We will all come through this year stronger and with more personal insight than ever before.

Sending you positive energy and blessings for 2021!

Eileen Mercolino RMT, CHNC is a Los Angeles based Integrative Wellness Counselor, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Healer, passionate about wellness, spirituality, health, nutrition and happiness. Eileen helps clients transform their lives by working through emotional blocks, releasing unwanted energies, learning to love exercise and movement, identifying food sensitivities, committing to self-care and improving nutrition through counseling, and personalized advice.

She sees clients in person in Los Angeles and remotely by Zoom. Find Eileen at

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